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Evenings at the Microscope by P.H. Gosse

Evenings at the Microscope by P.H. Gosse

I’ve been a little bit naughty. I’ve wanted a copy of this for a long time. It was written in 1874, it’s not a very rare book – I have seen it for sale on eBay and on AbeBooks and other sites popular with book worms on numerous occasions. I could have waited a bit longer but I didn’t. I’ve always thought it must be a very interesting book to have at hand and I reckon it will give me plenty of ideas and help keep me focussed.

The microscope nerds on the microscope nerd forum have been talking about having a monthly theme which I think is a marvellous idea. I have a feeling that this monthly theme thingy will start well but fizzle out because nerds are …well, they’re nerds. They can get very passionate and obsessive about something and nothing will stop them pursuing that interest.
If the theme is not what they are interested in at that time then the theme can go hang. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with this at all. It’s what makes nerdy people so interesting.


I also follow my own interests, but I think that a theme, or a handy book from 1874, will help me focus when I’m unsure what I want to do. Usually this happens because I am overwhelmed with ideas and not because I lack them so in actual fact it could just make it all a great deal worse!

There’s another possibility of course. There’s a possibility, a slight chance, that I am trying to justify my purchase of an attractive old book. Maybe I am not being entirely honest with myself? Here goes some honesty:

I wanted the fine, attractive, old book so I bought it!

That wasn’t so hard to admit was it, Penelope?

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