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My first diatoms

I have been brave today, I tried lots of new things I haven’t tried before. I used immersion oil for the first time, I used my Lomo aplanatic oblique condenser (oiled) and I tried taking the photos with eyepiece projection – I have never tried that before either. I have been so organised that I have managed to do a compare and contrast of relay lens versus eyepiece projection, I think I prefer eyepiece projection.

I have also mowed the lawn and planted violas in the front garden.  Very lovely they are too, the post lady will be pleased.

Oiling a condenser is messy, finding diatoms under oil immersion is a pain in the posterior but I think I did okay for a first attempt. Something needs cleaning but I’m not sure what. There are blobules in the same place in every shot. I can only assume it’s on the bottom of the condenser. I’m still chuffed though.

All pictures were taken using the Lomo microscope with 1.4 na aplanatic oblique condenser, and 90x oil immersion objective (na 1.25). Some 50 year old cedarwood immersion oil that i fpound in an old condenser box was used for oiling both the condenser and the objective.  The only difference was the photography; a Canon EOS 1100D was used to take all the pictures, but the pictures marked “relay lens” used the Brunel universal camera adapter (2x) and  the pictures marked “eyepiece projection” were taken using a Zeiss projective 8X eyepiece.

Click on the pictures to make them larger…

Tiny Beauties: Life’s Smallest Wonders As Seen Through a Microscope |

Tiny Beauties: Life’s Smallest Wonders As Seen Through a Microscope |

Thank you to Teagan for sending me this. Stunning pictures from the Olympus Bioscapes Digital Imaging Competition, I particularly admire the picture of the Paramecium. Oh my, oh my, oh my!

Can I produce work like that? I’m not sure. Probably, given ten years or so of practice! I can’t produce the fluorescent images in my kitchen/home laboratory but frankly I don’t need fluorescence. There is plenty of beauty to be found without fluorescent antibodies.

Very inspiring. I really must get on with finishing the paint work on this Cooke Troughton and Simms microscope.

Paramecium by Ralph Grimm. Olympus Bioscaapes Digital imaging competition

Paramecium by Ralph Grimm. Olympus Bioscapes Digital imaging competition


Improved onion

Improved onion

A little bit of faffing around with phase telescopes and lamps and I have much improved pictures. Not a rainbow in sight!

This time I have used oblique lighting instead of phase.
Do you like my stomata? I’m pretty chuffed with it 😀

Strawberries and stereomicroscope – nerdtastic!

I have been playing with my new MX7T stereomicroscope from Brunel Microscopes and I’m very pleased with it. It has incident and transmitted light and by using a variety of eyepieces I have a magnification range of 10X – 80X. The strawberry seed pictures below were taken at 10X or 20X magnification using incident light. They look very fine. Like beautiful golden eggs.

The pictures are much better than I expected too. I’m not terribly well set up for photography with a stereoscope but I came across an interesting widget on eBay. It’s a telescope or microscope adaptor for a camera. Joy8899 sells a version but I got mine from Poland. The adaptor screws onto the lens of my Canon EOS 1100D and the other end clamps around the eyepiece of my microscope. Cheap and cheerful and really not too bad at doing the job. The weight of the camera does tend to force the microscope out of focus a little but not so badly that it causes huge problems. You just need to keep half an eye on it and it’s all very easy when the camera is on Live View mode and the shutter is remotely operated ie. you have enough hands available.

Pictures taken with a Brunel MX7T stereomicroscope using incident illumination 10X and 20X: Image


I love this one, you can see the indent the seed sits in very clearly.



I also took some pictures of some very lovely mould that was growing on a Queen Charlotte cake.

Image  Image Image



Not bad for a beginner. I think I might post them on the yahoo group. They’re colourful if not perfect 🙂

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