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Splitting my blog in two

I’ve decided to split my blog in two because it’s nonsensical having two such different themes in one blog. I have created a new blog called Spock’s Sister Sews and this one will Spock’s Sister Sees.

Witty don’t you think?

I don’t think i shall bother to copy all the posts across. it will take ages and won’t be particularly helpful. I shall simply start posting microscope stuff on this blog and sewing stuff on the other blog from now on. If it doesn’t work out it’s not the end of the world.

It;s a social media experiment.

My new blog is here although there isn’t be very much on it right now! I’d better go and make it look decent!

EDIT: Oh my goodness this is hard work! There is so much to edit and put right. It may take some time.

under construction

So Many Colors!: Tutorial: Seminole Patchwork

So Many Colors!: Tutorial: Seminole Patchwork.

An excellent  tutorial on seminole patchwork. It appealed to me because of the bright colours. I’m definitely inspired. I have chosen my fabrics and as soon as I can be bothered to iron them I shall start.

Have I mentioned how much I hate ironing?  it has to be done though, I’ve tried not ironing patchwork before. Disastrous.

Quilting ideas please!

I’ve made a few simple microscope cosies now but to be honest I’m getting a bit bored of making simple ones. I want to make something a bit more interesting.

I’m thinking of either a strippy quilted microscope cosy or a plain one with a seminole zig-zag around the bottom. I’ve done seminole before: it’s a simple technique and looks great. Maybe a black or teal cosy as I have done previously but with a rainbow coloured zig-zag of seminole to represent the visible light spectrum.

All ideas welcomed.

For the rest of the week i shall be playing wth microscopes. I have spent far too long restoring paintwork and making them look lovely and not enough time actually looking down them. It’s high time i used them for purpose!

I hope the puddle (my husband’s idea of what passes for a pond) is teeming with life. Let’s have a look…

Wonder woman bag for my neighbour


Inside of bag

Inside of bag

I made this bag as a gift for my lovely neighbour, Mandy. She’s a great friend and I don’t know what I’d do without her. Without her the whole street would be a less friendly and cheery place to live. Her straight talking manner, her sense of humour and concern for everyone is something to admire. She’s one of life’s beautiful people; beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.

The bag pattern was bought from Chris W Designs, I’d recommend her bag patterns, they are cleverly designed so they can be printed on A4 paper and the PDF instructions are clear and easy to follow.

Deutsch lernen…

Am Wochenende, habe ich Deutsch lernen mit meine Tochter, oder ich versuche Deutsch zu lernen. Mein Deutsch is sehr schlecht. Ich verstehe Deutsch in Ordnung, aber ich kann nicht es gut sprechen oder lesen weil die Grammatik ist so schwer. Meine tochter nicht so viel wie ich verstehen, aber sie spricht es besser.

Zusammen können wir langsam Essen bestellen!


Missing my father

Something personal: My daughters were cleaning the brass elephants today. They used to be in my parents’ house but now they live with us. I used to clean them when I was a child and watching my girls enjoying themselves with metal polish brought back a lot of memories.

I miss my father. He died 13 years ago and I’ve never cried. I’m English, I find it incredibly hard to cry in private let alone in public. Stiff upper lip and all that…

My father was wonderful, he was delightfully eccentric (bow ties are cool) and slightly lacking in tact. He could be melancholy on occasions but he was also full of wonder. He sat with me in a field when I was about 11 and showed me a forget-me-not.
“Look at that!” he said, he showed me how the tiny petals had veins like larger plants, he explained how they flowered and how they produced pollen and seed. To him, a Christian, it was proof enough of the existence of God. He was almost overwhelmed by the beauty of nature.

A while back I looked in the mirror and I noticed something amusing. I’m ageing! Hardly unexpected, I’m not Dorian Gray, but it’s the way I’m ageing that amused me. My eyes are getting just a little a bit droopy. One is a slightly more droopy than the other. My father had blood-hound eyes. He had big bags under his eyes that gave him a sorrowful look. I seem to have inherited them, my eyes are definitely starting to go the way of the bloodhound. I rather like it. On the whole I look more like my mother so it’s pleasing to see his genes coming through.

My father said once that grief comes in waves. Large waves at first but they gradually decrease in amplitude and frequency. According to my father the waves never disappear completely, they just become part of the mental scenery. Small waves gently washing on the shore. I think he was probably right. He was a wise man, he knew stuff.

My father was a histopathologist. He would have had a lot to say about my microscopes. I miss him very much but I find it hard to show emotion so sometimes I go quiet and melancholy for a while. Just like daddy did.


USB sticks

USB sticks

Liebster Blog Award


Many thanks to the very lovely Teagan Genevieve at for sending me this internet award. I hope she doesn’t mind that it’s taken me week or two to respond. Teagan’s blog is very interesting, full of delightful short stories and a few longer ones. Stop by and take a look.

The Leibster Award is given to up-and-coming bloggers. You must answer the questions your nominator gives you, and you must nominate other bloggers. It’s similar to a chain letter except you don’t die in your sleep if you fail to pass it on, nor do you become fabulously rich if you do pass it on. It’s more like a nod of acknowledgement or a gentle hug.

Here are the questions Teagan has given me:

1.If you could go anywhere for as long as you wished, where would you go?

That’s a tricky one, I’m very fond of Sweden but to be honest I’d rather travel in time than in Space. I’d like to meet Isaac Newton and Robert Hooke and van Leeuwenhoek.

2. Have you become what you wanted to be when you grew up?

I’m really not sure. I wanted to be an arable farmer at one point and I also wanted to be a doctor. I have a PhD on wheat endosperm so I suppose I achieved both: a doctor of wheat.

3. If you could say one sentence that the whole world would hear, what would you say?

Oh good lord, I have no idea, maybe: “I am the Lord your God, build me a large house and bring me engineers, professors and microscopes”

4.What is your definition of success?

To be warm, housed, well fed and have enough free time to be able to enjoy the beauty of the world. Success is contentment. I myself cannot be content without a garden. It doesn’t have to be a large garden, but I enjoy flowers very much.

Now, I’m supposed to nominate some other people (and I will do so) but not just yet, because it will take me time to decide who would appreciate such a thing and to work out which bloggers I follow have less than 200 followers. I also want to think of some really good questions. watch this space.

Shape Moth: Designing paper piecing patterns in EQ7 – tutorial

The best tutorial I have found on using Electric Quilt 7 to make foundation piecing patterns.

Shape Moth, I love you!

Shape Moth: Designing paper piecing patterns in EQ7 – tutorial.

Space, the final frontier


I seem to have run out of space for microscopes. My shelving unit is full, I have stuff under the table, under the stairs and upstairs too.

That’s just the microscopy stuff. The sewing stuff is another problem.

Clearly I need a new house. A maid would be good too!

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